Student Visa (4 years)

Apply to Japanese Universities

If you would like to study in a university in JAPAN that focus on chaning the world for a better tomorrow, you’re choosing the right place. FREEDOM does not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit Japanese and foreigner universities with a full range of backgrounds. If you would like to study in a university in Japan or abroad, we can help you.

Japan is an incredible contry with fantastic universities. Some Japanese Universities we work with have an impressive employment success rate of 94%, which means that many of the students who graduate end up working in Japanese companies at the end of the graduation because the companies sponsor the visa for the students.  And no matter where you want to study abroad, we can help you be admitted anywhere in world.

Education Services

FREEDOM Language School was established in 2004 and since then we have helped many students to study in universities in Japan or abroad.

International Universities

Our focus is finding the best university for each student. You can choose the country you want to study and we will find the best opportunity for you.  

Bachelor's and Master's

You can get your Bachelor or Master degree with our support and this will allow you to get better jobs and eventually live in Japan or another country.

University Life

We will advise our students about cultural differences and prepare in the best way possible, everyone to study in an international environment.

We work in a very transparent way and all the values we charge are clearly described. 

FREEDOM Language School

The Application Process (1st stage)


Start Online Submission

The applicant has to fill out the Application Form and send to us, so we will see what we can do to best serve you. After this process we will prepare all the information needed for a successful university application.


Meeting / Call

This is a very important part for FREEDOM. During this opportunity we will listen to the student and family and find the best solution for each case. We can welcome the student for a meeting in the school or online via Skype.


University recommendation

We will research the best university that suits each student needs. There are 782 universities in Japan and thousands abroad. We will certainly find something good and make the best recommendations for every applicant.


First screening

At this stage we will analyze all the documents before sending to the university chosen. We do this, because we want our students to have the best chances and be admitted on the first try.


Application for 2 universties

FREEDOM always does its best to help our students. We apply for 2 universities at the same time doubling the chances of being approved. You can also apply for the same university twice if you want.


University result

We will track every step of the application for the student and when the Final Result comes the student will be informed immediately and will be able to come to Japan or go abroad.

The Application Process (2nd stage)


Fill out the Admission Papers

There are several documents to fill out and the universities are very strict. We help make this process easier and safer. This may help with college admission and bring more peace of mind for students.


Apply for scholarship

There are several opportunities to apply for a scholarship and each institution has its own criteria. We also help our students at this stage. Students living outside of Japan can also apply for scholarships.


Apply for student loan

It is much simpler and easier to get a student loan if the student lives in Japan. The Japanese government and banks are very flexible in granting student loans as education is very important in Japan.


Housing advise

Living in another country can be a big challenge. Student housing in Japan is comfortable, safe, but also expensive. Thus, we will advise you to find the best housing next to your university.


Certificate of Eligibility

This is a document, issued by the immigration to show that the student meets the conditions for landing in Japan. Basically it’s a preliminary visa screening process; the step before applying for a student visa to enter Japan.


Univeristy result

Each university has its own admission criteria and the results can be submitted online or at the student’s residence. After approval, the student will have the documents to apply for the Student Visa.

The Application Process (3rd stage)


Meeting / Call

After approval at the university, the preparation for the granting of the Student Visa begins. At FREEDOM will encourage all students to legally obtain a visa while they are studying.


Collect documents

In this step we will merge all the student documents with the university approval documents. Even if the student is abroad we can help.


First screening

Before submitting all documents to the immigration or consulate for the granting of a student visa, we will verify if everything complies with the Japanese laws for issuing a student visa.


Send the documents

At this time, students approved at universities will send the documents for applying for a student visa directly to the nearest Japanese Consulate. The Japanese government is sovereign in granting the student visa.


Submit the application

After sending the documents and analysis by the Consulate, the Student Visa will be granted for a period of up to 4 years with the possibility of being extended to the Working Visa if any company sponsors if for you.


Visa result

With the approval of the Student Visa, the student will be able to buy the air ticket and come to study and live legally in Japan. Mission Accomplished.

Things To Know First

Applying for a Student Visa is only possible if the student is admitted in a univeristy in Japan or abroad. This is a process that can take some months and thus it’s very advisable to apply well in advance.

You will need :

  • Contact information for the counselor or other school representative who will complete your Common Application School Report and submit your official High School Transcript.
  • Recommendation letter for one teacher (or two, maximum) who will complete the Teacher Evaluation form.
  • Nonrefundable application fee for each university applied. Students have to pay the application fee and others to the Consulate.

When To Apply?

Each university has different application deadlines and we will only be able to know it after the student decides the university to apply.

Application Deadline Decision Start
 September 1st November 1st    April 1st           
 April 1st June 1st October 1st

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents must be sent electronically to FREEDOM for review before apply for the university and the Student Visa.

We at FREEDOM will do everything possible for you to be admitted in universities in Japan and have a Student Visa. 

Fill out this form to start your Student Visa (4 years)

This is the beginning of a new life for you and your famiily.

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