Japanese course

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Japanese Course (presencial)

You can spend your life regretting not speaking Japanese or you can change your life and start studying NOW. The decision is yours and FREEDOM is here to serve you with a fully licensed and graduated teacher by the Ministry of Education in Japan to teach Japanese to foreigners. 

Our lessons are dynamic and students are motivated to speak in Japanese since day one. We also prepare students to take the JLPT and further improve the knowledge of the language.

We have a group lesson for beginners every Sunday from 10:00 ~ 11:20 in our school in Aichi-ken Anjo-shi. We also have VIP lesson (one-to-one) and Online lesson.

✅ Our teachers are fluent in English and you can have all your doubts clarified in English during the lesson. 

✅ Group lesson (4 lessons 80 min each) 

✅ Study Japanese with teachers who can speak English and Japanese

💰First month: ¥22.770 (lessons, textbook, etc)

💰Other months: ¥13.200 



Our school is next to JR Anjo station. If you come by car please park it in the public parking lots (use coins to pay). When you come to our school please take the elevator and go to the 4th floor.

For further information please call us (English is ok) or schedule a meeting.

Maraming salamat.

FREEDOM for Pinoys