University support

University in person is only at FREEDOM, the rest is virtual

If you want to study at a REAL UNIVERSITY (and not on a virtual platform behind a computer) then you will have to come and study at the universities that FREEDOM has partnership with. At FREEDOM we can help you get into the university you want, researching the best options available and providing the best support until you’re admitted into it. 

No matter where you want to study in Japan, America, Australia, Europe, etc we can make it possible! Come to FREEDOM and study wherever you want. In the presential universities we offer:

✅ Student Visa (4 years)
✅ Faculty of Humanities, Exacts and Biological Sciences
✅ Laboratories
✅ Contact students from all over the world
✅ Academic routine
✅ Study-friendly environment
✅ Infrastructure suitable for study
✅ Extra language classes like Japanese, English and others
✅ Questions answered instantly
✅ Student Financing
✅ Scholarship

FREEDOM has contact with dozens of universities within Japan and hundreds abroad. If you are a student or parent and you want to offer yourself or your child something of quality then you will find that only FREEDOM has everything you need to get into the best colleges in Japan and the world including:

🎓 University of OXFORD
🎓 University of CAMBRIDGE
🎓 STANFORD University
🎓 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology
🎓 HARVARD University
🎓 YALE University
🎓 University of TOKYO
🎓 University of NAGOYA
🎓 University of OSAKA
🎓 University of KYOTO

At FREEDOM we serve each student individually and this will guarantee the student greater possibilities of entering universities inside or outside Japan. No matter where the student wants to study, we make it possible!!!

FREEDOM the right choice for the smartest people.