English course for kids


FREEDOM invites parents to enroll their children in our classes for children and teenagers to study English in an efficient and result-oriented way.

Classes are 60 minutes long, focused on immediate communication, respecting individual difficulties and at the same time valuing grammatical aspects, pronunciation and listening comprehension of our students. In this way, we will be enabling our young students to speak English naturally and permanently.

✅ English course for children:

⏰ Saturday from 13:00 to 14:00

💰 Total in the first month: 19,800

💰 Total in other months: 8,800

 🖥 https://freedomls.com/english-course-for-kids/

📌 Aichi-ken Anjo-shi

Value the time of your children by enrolling them at FREEDOM.

FREEDOM, the right choice for the smartest people.



Our school is next to JR Anjo station. If you come by car please park it in the public parking lots (use coins to pay). When you come to our school please take the elevator and go to the 4th floor.

For further information please call us (English is ok) or schedule a meeting.

Maraming salamat.

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